Reflection of empty spaces

Reflection of empty spaces

Zahra Mani – bass guitar, field recordings (UK/PK)

Jaka Berger – drums, objects, modular synthesizer (SI)

Visuals by Gavino Canu (IT)

Mani and Berger explore the acoustic imaginings of abandoned spaces. Raw drums, acoustic objects, the bass guitar and everyday sound are transformed through modular synthesis and live effects into a sonic world that shapes the performance space in a process of de- and reconstructed acoustic exchange heightened by the abstract industrial visuals of Sardinian film artist Gavino Canu.

Zahra Mani & Jaka Berger combine a number of instruments and sounds along with immersive visuals in a dynamic musical and inter-medial dialogue. Berger’s unique and sensitive percussion is enhanced by modular synthesizers and effects that he triggers through oscillations while playing. Zahra Mani’s field recordings combine everyday and found sounds that she dissects and reconstructs in her studio, transforming them into an instrument enriched by her electric bass guitar with effects that she designs for each performance. Together, the duo creates a complex and dynamic interactive moment, drawing the audience in to their imagined world.