QB duo

qb duo

qb duo are:

Timothee Quost (Fr) – trumpet, speaker, mixer, microphone, objects
Jaka Berger (Slo) – prepared snare drum, feedback speakers, string boxes, effects, objects

Timothee Quost and Jaka Berger met in Berlin and collaborated together for the first time on performances around Slovenia, which were part of Timothee Quost’s major European tour at the promotion of his new solo album Before Zero Crossing. Timothee has recently been intensely devoted to trumpet in combination with speakers, microphone and mixing desk, and creates his own extended sound expression that very coincides with the development of the prepared drum and string pieces by Jake Berger, who also works with the feedback loops and focuses on macro sound. Their first album is the result of work in the studio of Radio Študent in Ljubljana, where Timothee and Jaka recorded their debut qb in October 2018.

qb duo in Godbeni Imperializem radio show by Luka Zagoričnik on Radio Študent