Niemoy – Artwork by Brgs

𝗡𝗶𝗲𝗺𝗼𝘆 questions the position of freely improvised jazz through the prism of contemporary electronic music. Sampling and manipulation of sound material with sound processors, dominated by granular synthesis using a modular synthesizer in which Berger paints and transforms drum and percussion patterns, is intertwined with guitar (Kravos) and saxophone (Boršič), which play both traditional and challenging roles. Creating sound illusions with which intense interplay comes together in a saturated sound mass. Following the example of creative processes in the field of electronic music, Niemoy takes a traditional genre stance and places it in a freer field through the principle of free improvisation, thus creating new sound potential.

Jure Boršič: reeds
Tilen Kravos: guitar
Jaka Berger: modular synth, sampling

Recorded by Ajk Vremec
Songs 5,7,8 recorded by Brgs
Mixed and mastered by Jure Gruden
Cover design by Brgs
Released at Zvočni Prepihi/SOund Draughts in april 2022

The Sound Projector Radio Show – Shoebox of dreams – UK