[Designated Ugly Friend / Dead Underground Future]

DUF is a style!!! You can call it beat music, you can call it bass music, but in the end it all comes down to sounding like #DUFSTYLE.

The identity behind the style is versatile musician, producer and composer, drummer and electrophonist BRGS. Brgs is one of the most creative (co)creators of the Slovenian music scene, a musician who is constantly reinventing his work and changing his own expression. DUF addresses the disintegration of alternative spaces, which are losing their meaning in the world of consumerism, which is reflected in the declining interest of consumers of alternative thought. The new video for the piece YU WRONG reminds us that we can be wrong about everything and that the truths are virtually tailored to uur perspectives on a daily basis.DUF will release a record at the newly formed label NO KLAN Recordings in early 2021.