Brgs time – Bas trio

Brgs Time – Bas trio

Bas trio are:

Achille Succi: Alto-saxophone, bas-clarinet
Samo Šalamon: guitar
Jaka Berger: drums

“There is a certain rough-hewn directness in BRGS Time, the extremely interesting and challenging debut recording from drummer Jaka Berger. Berger is described by his compatriot Samo Salamon as a self-taught musician, which means to me that he has not allowed schooling to trample his originality. While I characterized Ernesto Cervini’s as a real “drummer’s record,” Jaka Berger shows himself to be more of a percussion-oriented composer. BRGS Time has an recognizable sound that is created by all three quite original players, and thus will repay time spent listening many fold.” Budd Kopman All About Jazz